Whether you're visiting The Okanagan for your family vacation or you're here on a business trip, Okanagan accommodations are sure to suit any traveller's budget and taste.

You’ll find a range of Okanagan accommodations like a cozy bed & breakfast, a luxury lakefront masterpiece or a classy resort.  The Okanagan offers all that you need and more to make your stay comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable.

Whether you are looking to immerse yourself in a romantic getaway, here for a golf tournament or just checking out the beautiful Okanagan, there are hotel options to meet every visitor’s needs.
A home away from home, nestled in Paradise, it doesn’t get much better than an Okanagan vacation rental.
The Okanagan regions offers a variety of bed & breakfasts ranging from charming Victorian Inns, Lakefront cottages to trendy, boutique lodging nestled in the vineyards.
The Okanagan offers 100’s of cottage options for your vacation or getaway. From luxurious to rustic, high end to budget conscious the Okanagan has a cottage for you.
Whether your looking for budget friendly motel or a family friendly beachfront stay, The Okanagan has plenty of motel choices for you to pick from.
Shared spaces and meeting new faces. Hostels are a perfect way to mix and mingle during your Okanagan adventure.
With the campgrounds located though out the region, the Okanagan is a top destination for tent campers and RVers planning a wine country getaway.
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