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Let's get physical

It's time to take care of yourself. Whether you're looking unwind with a massage, get your hair sytled or decompress with a hot yoga session, you can find great amenities and services in VanCity.

Vancouver Health & Fitness Guide

With a wide range of services and your fingertips, you can always find some "me time" in Vancouver.

There’s a reason why Lululemon what founded in Vancouver.   Yes, Vancouver is  yoga central, but more important, yoga is a great example of what Vancouver is all about.  Lifestyle & relaxation.  As much a people work hard, they always take time to enjoy life, get some downtime, decompress and take care of themselves.

With that, Vancouver has a plethora of amazing services to accommodate that lifestyle.  From high end hair salons to hard core spin studios, the options are endless for locals and visitors alike!

directory of everything from restaurants to bakeries!

Featured spaces

Here's some of the hottest spots in VanCIty

Breaking it down

From breweries to bakeries, we have you covered.


Hatha to Bikram, Vancouver is the yoga epicentre where you'll find any type of yoga you can imagine. Go get your pose on!

Let's get physical!

Vancouver has all sorts of gyms & fitness centres on tap. Specialized boutique facilities to large brand name gyms, you have plenty of options to choose from.

When the treadmill won't cut it.

Good music, motivated instructors, and a welcoming atmosphere is what you’ll find at some of the best spin studios in Vancouver.

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